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    "McDONALD Customs is a luxury eco design studio delivering 'one of a kind' bespoke projects, customised decorative objects and sustainable contemporary art" 


    a 'one of a kind' experience

    McDONALD Customs is committed to eco design principles and fuses lifestyle, luxury, art and design to deliver, 'one of a kind' bespoke projects for brands and private clients, highly individual and sustainable contemporary artworks and uniquely customised decorative objects.


    "We believe our eco design-led customisation and personalisation of objects including upcycled items, client-owned luxury goods, cars, guitars increases their desirability and sustainability" 


    Visually identifiable through the process of flattening the three dimensional world and focusing on form, positive quotation and iconography, McDONALD Customs employ Teddy McDonald's painted and hand drawn bold interpretations of universal symbolism including stars, skulls, lightning strikes, eco icons and more.  There is no limit to our applied customisation be it a small card case to a leather biker jacket, a set of luggage, a guitar, a vehicle, aircraft or whatever you require, our aim is to excite and exceed your expectation.


    Our practice principles include the use eco-friendly water-based paints that are neither tested on animals nor do they contain animal products or by-products.  Our original paintings use re-purposed canvas and other sustainable mediums and all customised objects are either upcycled, re-purposed or client-owned.  We can also source specific objects and items to customise at your request.


    "Our commercial commissions include projects for Dick Lovett Ferrari, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars London and the Royal Agricultural University"


    With a focus on quality and attention to detail we accept a limited number of private commissions each year to ensure you of a highly personalised and dedicated service from brief to delivery.


    McDONALD Customs is based in the Cotswolds, west of Oxford, England UK.  To express interest in a bespoke project, please contact the studio.  


    We joined Instagram in November 2021.


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    Teddy McDonald



    "I love your work!"

    Lapo Elkann

    "I think you are very talented"

    Tommy Hilfiger

    "I will expose your painting in the Ferrari design centre"

    Flavio Manzoni

    "The Artist to Watch"

    GQ magazine

    "We always appreciate your genuine approach

    and your work speaks for itself"

    Michael & Lindsay Lohan

  • Over the past decade Teddy McDonald has been profiled by GQ magazine as the 'Artist to Watch,' his customised guitars have been played by Ed Sheeran on the Multiply and Divide world tours and he has collaborated with HRH Princess Eugenie and HRH Princess Beatrice raising valuable funds to assist the education and advancement of children in deprived areas.


    McDonald's original paintings and customisations have attained a cult following with works acquired by FIAT heir Lapo Elkann, Ed Sheeran, Flavio Manzoni for Ferrari S.p.A and global stars from the worlds of sport, adventure and acting. 


    In private art collections in the USA, Italy, Dubai and UK, works by McDonald can be found alongside original works by contemporary art masters including Jean-Michel Basquiat, KAWS, Jonas Wood, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Damien Hirst and photographer Helmut Newton.


    McDonald has shown his work in London, New York City and Los Angeles. 



    PETA approved 'vegan' and cruelty-free

    Inspired by the positive energy of visits to New York City and Milan and our motto, 'Be Kind + Live Wild', McDonald painted designs on his iPhone now printed to our ethical, sustainable and organic streetwear.


    McDonald considers it important to be kind to others and yourself and to live a life of fun and adventure whilst mindful of the planet and the benefits it affords our general wellbeing.


    Each of our T shirts is 'made to order' ensuring 'zero waste' status and each is printed in England.  We use only ethically sourced and sustainable 100% organic cotton T shirts which are also PETA approved as Vegan and animal cruelty-free.  Our packaging is also made in England and is both sustainable and 100% recyclable.


    Did you know that organic cotton works in harmony with nature because it does not require the use of synthetic chemicals in the form of nitrogen fertilisers and artificial pesticides?  It is these synthetic and artificial elements that contribute to climate change and can damage local ecosystems and the health of local people hence why we choose only 100% organic cotton in our T Shirts.

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    Teddy McDonald has appeared on television with Sky News providing live debate on contemporary art.  He also provided commentary alongside David Emanuel for Sky News live broadcast of the Royal Wedding of HRH Princess Eugenie at Windsor Castle.  In print and online, McDonald has been featured/mentioned in the following selected publications from the UK, US & Australia


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