Enquiries & Requests
Teddy McDonald does not respond to requests for advice, critique on work by other artists or personalised messages.

Teddy McDonald will consider requests for his participation in collaborative projects however, he is a professional artist and does not work for free.  All requests should include a detailed brief including an artist budget.

Interview requests
Teddy McDonald only participates in a very small number of carefully managed interviews.  Interview requests will be considered on a 'case by case' basis.

Charity Requests
Teddy McDonald does not accept requests to donate works of art or other items for benefit auctions.  

Copyright permissions
Teddy McDonald retains full copyright in all images of his work. Requests to reproduce images of works by the artist should be submitted using our online contact form. Failure to obtain permission to reproduce images of copyrighted material will result in legal action.

Reproduction of images of work by the artist for merchandise is permitted only under strict guidelines stipulated by the artist and for a fee.  Each merchandise request is considered on a 'case by case' basis.

Merchandise currently approved by Teddy McDonald is only available on our website, mcdonaldcustoms.com

Unauthorised reproduction of images of work by the artist on materials for sale is monitored closely and will result in legal action, and prosecution to the fullest extent of the laws pertaining to copyright and trademark infringement.

NFT warning
Teddy McDonald does not participate in or collaborate in the creation of any NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Any NFT of a work by Teddy McDonald or derivative of his work or one purported to be by Teddy McDonald is not authentic, is unauthorized, and is illegal.

Do not create, post, sell or purchase any purported Teddy McDonald NFT or derivatives as it will subject you to legal action if you do. Upon identifying any such NFT we will have it taken down and have the transaction canceled or remove the NFT from the blockchain.

Reproduction prints
Teddy McDonald retains copyright of all images of his work. Permission to use images of works by Teddy McDonald in the production of posters, prints, postcards, or other merchandise is strictly limited to items created for sale in conjunction with public exhibitions of the artist’s work or those hosted by mcdonaldcustoms.com

Teddy McDonald does NOT provide or permit “reproduction prints” for personal use, nor does Teddy McDonald provide images of his work for retail or commercial projects, other than as noted above.

Please note: a “reproduction” or “poster” is not considered a work of art by the artist.

Exhibitions and lending works
Teddy McDonald will actively lend to international exhibitions or museums that ensure Teddy McDonald's work reaches a wide audience. Museum loan requests should be submitted using our online contact form. All loans originate from and return to the UK. The borrower is responsible for all costs related to packing, return shipping, and insurance.

Commissioned Works
Teddy McDonald does not accept proposals for artwork commissions.

Identification of works
Teddy McDonald may authenticate or provide certificates of authenticity for works.  Each request is considered on a 'case by case' basis.

Purchasing works by the artist
Teddy McDonald only sells his work direct from his atelier, McDonald Customs. All purchases, without exception, require a signed agreement to the artist's Contract for Sale.

All purchase enquiries should be directed via our online contact form.

Please note that a “reproduction print” or “poster” is not considered a work of art by the artist.